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Traffickers, extortionists, robbers, persons responsible for kidnapping but all with citizenship income. At least according to the accusations brought against them by the police

Investigations by the Commissariat of Piazza Armerina

Thirteen of the 23 investigated in the context of an anti-drug operation last January were the recipients of undue perception of the recently instituted subsidy. In practice, more than half of the suspects inq uella operation received citizenship income.

The discovery of the Enna mobile squad

The discovery is the result of the investigations conducted after the “Fire” operation of the Enna Mobile Squad for drug trafficking, extortion, robbery, kidnapping, which led to a series of precautionary measures against almost all people Barrafranca.

Subsidies of 10 thousand euros per month

Overall, the state paid around 10 thousand euros per month to people who, although not officially carrying out work, according to the accusation were active in drug trafficking and dealing and benefited from the subsidy.

The investigations also carried out on the INPS database

At the end of the investigations, carried out in collaboration with the INPS officials, the Police communicated the outcome of the checks to the judiciary, which ordered the immediate revocation of the economic benefits, as required by law and the INPS activated the procedure for the recovery of sums unduly received.

The procedure for recovering the sums, however, is always very complex. The recipients of the Income of Cirìttadinanza must, in fact, declare that they have no other income or assets and therefore it is conceivable that there are no assets that can be directly attacked or official and formal income on which the State can claim. A problem, that of the recovery of the sums paid, which arises at the end of each investigation concerning the undue perceptions of this as well as of other state subsidies, including invalidity penalties in the case of false invalids, another scourge in the sector of fraud for undue perception

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