Traffic chaos after incident in tunnel on Palermo-Mazara road: Villagrazia di Carini to Cinisi affected.

There was an accident on the Palermo-Mazara highway, inside the tunnel leading to the Cinisi junction. A heavy vehicle and a Mercedes were involved in the collision, but no injuries were reported. However, the accident caused heavy traffic congestion. The circulation was severely affected, with long queues starting from Villagrazia di Carini. The local police arrived to conduct investigations and manage the traffic. They are currently examining the accident to determine the cause. Five days ago, four people were injured in another accident on the same highway near Alcamo, heading towards Trapani. Two cars were involved in that incident, and the injured were taken to the hospital by emergency medical services.

Incidente in galleria sulla Palermo-Mazara: traffico in tilt tra Villagrazia di Carini e Cinisi

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