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  • Tragedy in the countryside of Montaperto, in the Agrigento area
  • The tractor overturns, retired driving the vehicle dies
  • The victim was 68 years old
  • The surveys were carried out by the carabinieri

A 68-year-old retired teacher, Gaetano Bonanno from Raffadali (Ag) died in an accident following the overturning of a tractor, in the district of San Giorgio in the territory of Montaperto. The road accident, which did not involve other means of transit, occurred late yesterday evening. The man was driving his tractor when, for reasons still under investigation by the police, the vehicle overturned.

On the spot the carabinieri for the reliefs

The old man got stuck under the agricultural vehicle and died. The reliefs were dealt with by the carabinieri of Agrigento. The body was entrusted, by the magistrate on duty, owner of the open investigation file, to family members.

In Sicily a precedent in April

On 6 April another man died in a similar accident in the countryside of Comiso, in the province of Ragusa. In the accident, which probably occurred due to the landslide of part of the land, a 72-year-old man from Comiso died, GO The man was trapped under the agricultural vehicle.
The 118 health workers, the firefighters and the agents of the State Police intervened.
After the intervention of the coroner for the ritual procedures, the firefighters took steps to free the man from under the agricultural vehicle.

Four days ago a 16 year old died in Sardinia

On May 5, a drama took place in the countryside of Guasila, in southern Sardinia. A 16-year-old boy, Nicola Melas, was crushed to death by the tractor he was driving. According to what was reconstructed by the carabinieri who are dealing with the case, the young man was at the neighbors’ house and without anyone noticing anything he took their tractor for a ride.
It has covered some dirt tracks, reaching a steep climb. Precisely in this phase the agricultural vehicle, due to the high slope, overturned, crushing it.
The same neighbors and tractor owners sounded the alarm. The 118 doctors and the carabinieri arrived on the spot, but by now there was nothing more to do for the 16-year-old. The Public Prosecutor of Cagliari ordered the seizure of the vehicle and the external examination of the body.

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