Towards the regional elections, Miceli “Italia Viva which side is he on?”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 18:58

Share “Italia Viva which side is it on?”. The question is posed by the national deputy of the Democratic Party Carmelo Miceli, who speaks of a “clear message” from the future candidate of the League for the presidency of the Sicilian Region, “who – he maintains – extends his hand to the Renzians”. “In Sicily, living Italy gives men to the League and also accepts Nino Minardo’s advances serenely – says Miceli -. Really those who grew up on bread and keffiyeh in the streets of San Lorenzo think they can have a future with the right wing and its lackeys? “. What is happening in Sicily, according to the Pd exponent, “is an example of how the center-right is split and has increasingly lost credibility”. “Salvini, Musumeci and now also Miccichè, who is ready to unload the governor, are certifying the deep fracture within the center-right coalition with serious repercussions for Sicily – he continues -, which is still a land of conquest and a battlefield. where to test the alliances. All to the detriment of the Sicilians forced to suffer the immobility of a government which, especially in the emergency due to the pandemic, has shown its failure “. Now the Musumeci government “will have to face winds of crisis. It is clear – adds the deputy of the Democratic Party – that Musumeci’s ultimatum to the League, which launches Nino Minardo’s candidacy at Palazzo d’Orleans, did not even remotely worry Salvini. A at this point, what will the President of the Region do? Will he chase Salvini’s dolphins from his majority by keeping faith with his either-or, given his attachment to the chair, will he prove that his was only the roar of a rabbit? “.

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