Tourist injured in Marettimo, Alpine Rescue intervenes.

The Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue and the 82nd Csar of the Italian Air Force jointly intervened to rescue a 69-year-old tourist from Friuli who was injured on the island of Marettimo. The incident occurred in the Punta Troia area when the woman, on vacation with friends, slipped and suspectedly fractured her tibia and fibula while navigating a difficult section of the trail. Unable to continue, her friends called emergency services. The Alpine Rescue was activated by the 118 emergency center and, in order to quickly access the remote area, they also requested the assistance of the Air Force. An HH 139B helicopter from the 82nd Csar center took off from Trapani Birgi airport and transported two rescue technicians from the Alpine Rescue to the scene. A technician from the Alpine Rescue and the Air Force helirescuer reached the woman, immobilized her leg, and lifted her into the helicopter using a winch. They immediately landed her at the Sant’Antonio Abate Hospital helipad in Trapani.

Turista si fa male a Marettimo, interviene il Soccorso Alpino

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