Tourist buses and pedestrians around the Valley of the Temples, Confcommercio: "It is a chaos"


Tourist buses, Confcommercio ready to propose its own project for the reform of the sector in the city. The announcement comes from the president of the trade association, Francesco Picarella.

"For some time – he says – we are debating the parking service for tourist buses. The incident that involved a foreign tourist who was swept away by a car a few days ago, in the middle of the Valley of the Temples, draws attention to a bad service that does not work and that, unfortunately, does not enter the agenda of directors ”.

Picarella states and reiterates that in Piazzale Hardcastle (known as the square of the "Refreshment place") the tourist buses could not stop, let alone the area in front of the temple of Hercules, where they are very often parked to load and unload groups of tourists . "We at Confcommercio – he says – will shortly present a project to propose to the Park and the Municipality of Agrigento to remedy this problem. It should also be remembered that it is not tolerable to still see pedestrians who venture on foot along the road and up to the Porta Aurea crossroads, despite having been invested with money to realize the entrance of Porta Quinta and its gangway ”.

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