Totò Cuffaro gets rehabilitation, but will not be able to apply for seven years

The surveillance court of Palermo has granted rehabilitation to the former president of the Sicilian Region, Totò Cuffaro, from the two convictions he remedied: one in the 90s, for defamation of a magistrate, Francesco Taurisano, the other – well more serious – for aiding and abetting aggravated by the facilitation of Cosa Nostra, which had led the Christian Democrat exponent, in the last decade, to serve about 6 years.

A rule of the Corrupt Sweepers law has been applied

The judges, while acknowledging the path of repentance of the former governor, defended by the lawyer Marcello Montalbano, however, have applied a rule of the Corrupt Sweeps law that prevents Cuffaro from returning to active politics and the so-called passive electorate: given that for him the ‘disqualification from public office is perpetual, seven years will have to pass from the date of the provision for Cuffaro to be able to apply again. In the meantime, the former president has returned to politics and is the coordinator of the New DC, which obtained votes and was elected both in the Palermo City Council and in the Sicilian Regional Assembly. However, he personally cannot take the field. His defense is evaluating the presentation of an opposition to the same supervisory court: it believes that the application of the rule of the Corruption sweep, which came into force after the end of Cuffaro’s legal case, is retroactive and therefore prohibited by the principles of the criminal law.

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