Torrenova entrepreneur reported for fraud against EU

The financial police of the provincial command of Messina, coordinated by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, have reported a businessman for embezzlement against the State. His company, based in Torrenova, would have illegally pocketed structural funds co-financed by the Region of Sicily and the European Union. During the investigation, assets worth 320 thousand euros, equal to the amount of fraud detected, were seized.

The contributions were intended for the modernization and expansion of production activities, but the investigations found that the businessman from Messina, who had already received the first tranche of funds (320 thousand euros out of a total of 800 thousand), had used them for other purposes.

In particular, the funds allocated for the modernization and expansion of the production capacity of an oven, to be used for the production of bread and fresh products, also enhancing ancient Sicilian grains, were invested in the purchase and sale of financial products.

The intervention of the financial police and the European Prosecutor’s Office, represented by prosecutors Gery Ferrara and Amelia Luise, prevented the Region of Sicily from paying the remaining 480 thousand euros of the financing.

Frode all’Ue, denunciato un imprenditore di Torrenova

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