Tomorrow also in Syracuse insurance agents on strike against Ivass

Also in Syracuse, insurance agents will close their agencies tomorrow to protest against the introduction of the new IVASS regulations (the Authority of the sector) which impose additional bureaucracy, mostly considered useless, in the name of an alleged greater transparency in favor of make sure

Claudio Demozzi, National President of the National Union of Insurance Agents which organized the event, with the unanimous support – among other things – of the Agent Business Groups of almost all the companies operating in Italy, stated in this regard that “The Ivass 45 and Ivass 97 Regulations, which entered into force on 1 April last, burdened the agencies with unnecessary and even unworkable bureaucratic obligations in that some provisions previously adopted by the Supervisory Institute and by the Law“.

In the poster that agents have posted at the entrance of their agencies to inform customers about the reasons that led them to close the agencies, we also read that “The national agents’ union appealed to the Lazio TAR against the attack carried out by the Supervisory Institute (Ivass) on the free exercise of the commercial activity and the full development of competition in the Italian insurance market“.

We exhibited at Ivass – added Demozzi – with extreme clarity the position of the Sna. on the issues of unavoidable bureaucratic simplification and the principle of proportionality that should inspire the introduction of any rule concerning the underwriting of insurance contracts. The Supervisory Institute, however, closed in a hedgehog, even refusing to postpone the entry into force of the new rules until the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio on our appeal“.

Topic of strong contrast is the unjustified decision of the Supervisory Institute to impose on agents! the obligation to notify the respective principals of any collaboration relationships with other intermediaries registered in the Rui.

This choice – said the President Demozzi – clearly irrelevant for the policyholders, it is restrictive of the professional and entrepreneurial freedom of agents who will be subjected to heavy conditioning by companies and at the same time limiting competition. All this to the detriment of consumers who will no longer find in their trusted agency the wide range of commercial alternatives offered today thanks to the collaborations between intermediaries of different companies.“.

The Ivass attitude – it was said during the recent meeting of the Committee of Group Chairmen adhering to the Sna, dedicated precisely to the initiatives to be undertaken to protect the category – seems inspired by an unjustified persecution of a profession, that of the agent, which the Government itself has included among the essential services of public utility “.

And in fact, agents and their subnets have remained close to their customers even in the most dramatic moments of the pandemic, guaranteeing the provision of the widespread proximity service that citizens need every day in their private and working life.

Insurance Agents – concluded Demozzi – they are at the service of the country in their social function and the prevention effort implemented by IVASS should be directed towards certain networks of non-professional intermediaries and towards insurance collection methods that lend themselves too easily to fraud such as online sales. Certainly not towards the agencies where the policyholders have received, for two centuries, a consultancy and assistance service of high professional depth characterized by the utmost honesty and rigor.“.

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