Tommaso Lo Presti, cousin of the boss of Porta Nuova, died of Covid at the age of 50

Tommaso Lo Presti, 50 years old, cousin of the homonymous boss of Porta Nuova, died more than a month ago of Covid, involved both in the anti-mafia blitz “Resilience” and in the one called “Stamp free all”, on absenteeism at construction sites cultural to the Zisa. He was free and was therefore infected outside prison. The news was learned only today, during the preliminary hearing of the “Resilience” trial, in which Lo Presti was accused of extortion aggravated by having facilitated Cosa Nostra.

In the investigation of the financial police on absenteeism, Lo Presti was the record holder: as an employee of the Coime, in fact, in 67 cases he would have been absent from work (for a total of 450.49 hours) and would have unduly received 3,912.80 euros.

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