Tom Cruise turns 60, that time he drove to Palermo We risked our lives

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Sixty years lived great.
With a little Palermo parenthesis.
Tom Cruise is celebrating his birthday today and doing it in top shape.
The American actor and film producer was born in Syracuse on July 3, 1962, unlike the Ron Kovic he plays in Olver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July.
Passionate about motorsport, Cruise has a penchant for four wheels, and loves shooting dangerous scenes in first person without resorting to stunts.
A description that is perfectly reflected in an interview that Vittorio Cecchi Gori released a few years ago.

“An unforgettable adventure lived with some actor? That time I was with Tom Cruise in Palermo”, said the film producer pulling out an anecdote from Palermo.
We are in the middle of the summer of 1989.
August, to be precise.
In the city “To Forget Palermo” is shot (Forget Palermo, a film shot between New York and the Sicilian capital in which the American actor is still not present in the cast, ed).
It is the story of a young American of Sicilian origins, a candidate for mayor of New York, who decides to spend his honeymoon in Palermo.
Some scenes were shot at the Cassaro, recreating the Festino di Santa Rosalia for the occasion, even though it was August.

“We were shooting” To Forget Palermo “in Sicily – said Cecchi Gori -.
Among the protagonists of the film there was also Mimi Rogers, who at the time was the wife of Tom Cruise.
At one point he and others said they wanted to play ball and I thought how nice, but in reality they meant basketball.
As soon as they threw that heavy ball at me I broke my right little finger, it’s still wrong.
For the hospital he made a point of wanting to drive him, on the streets of Palermo as if he were Top Gun: I don’t know how we got to the emergency room unscathed… It was an unforgettable experience “.

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