Tokyo Paralympics 2021, the Italian Paratriathlon team trains in Trapani

Once again the Italian National Paratriathlon has chosen Trapani as the location for the preparation for the Tokyo Paralympics which, virus permitting, will take place next summer.

The President of the Panathlon Club of Trapani Roald Vento, the Secretary Ciro Beneduce and the Manager Leo Vona, welcomed the Technical Director Mattia Cambi, his assistants and the athletes who returned to Trapani to carry out their training camp which, after stage he will take them to Tokyo.

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Panathlon has for years been reserving a large part of its activity and therefore of its social and cultural commitment, in favor of disability and paratriathlon in particular, always supporting the initiatives that take place in the area, thanks also to the contribution given by the members Nino Lisotta, multi-medaled international champion of Para-Archery and Leo Vona, Regional Vice President of Fitri who in these days assists the guests in his role as coordinator of the meeting.

The group, in February of last year, in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics then postponed due to the virus, had already been in Trapani obtaining excellent technical results and for the occasion, again on the initiative of Panathlon, had been a guest of the Prefect Dr. Tommaso Ricciardi who at the end of the meeting invited technicians and athletes to return to Trapani with their families, with or without Olympic medals, for a nice ceremony that the Prefecture would organize in honor of these extraordinary athletes who through sport are able to break down the barriers that life has reserved for them.

The National team, which will be in Trapani until March 10th, will return in April, for a further long and demanding pre-Olympic preparation period; this, thanks also to the favorable climatic conditions that our province offers in this winter season.

These are the athletes available to the Technical Director Mattia Cambi and his assistants Diego De Francesco, Giuseppe Laface, Antonio Serratore, Luca Zenti and the masseur Umberto Mariano:

Giovanni Achenza – GS Blue Flames

Rita Cuccuru – Woman Triathlon Italy

Veronica Yoko Plebani

Anna Barbaro – GS Blue Flames

Charlotte Bonin, guide of Anna Barbaro – GS Fiamme Azzurre

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