Todaro Group purchases Ustica’s Spalmatore Village at auction, creates job opportunities for 100 people.

The Punta Spalmatore village hotel in Ustica has been sold at a judicial auction. The hotel was acquired by the Todaro Group for 1.6 million euros, with an initial price of 5.2 million euros. The Todaro Group, which operates in the renewable energy sector, aims to revitalize tourism in Ustica. The CEO, Angelo Todaro, plans to make the hotel self-sufficient in terms of energy and create around 100 jobs. The hotel has 80 rooms and 112 bungalows, with a total of over 600 beds. Todaro also wants to promote the sale of hotel rights for the bungalows and attract tourists from Germany, France, and England.

Ustica, il Villaggio Spalmatore acquistato all’asta da Todaro Group: lavoro per cento persone

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