to Brancaccio the highest number of positives

There are 3,043 new positives in the entire province of Palermo. The data, relating to the week from 1 to 7 April, was disclosed by the National Civil Protection and processed by the Statistical Office of the Municipality: it confirms that the threshold of 250 new positives per 100 thousand inhabitants has been exceeded throughout the metropolitan area . In the city, however, where the red zone has been triggered since midnight, the current positive figure is still on April 2: according to the report released by the Regional Health Department, 3,735 are those who are fighting against Coronavirus, 0.56% of the population. The greatest concentration of cases occurs in the second district, that of Brancaccio, where the current positives are 609. The fifth with 603 cases and the seventh with 518 cases follow. The current positives in the eighth district (Montepellegrino) are instead 488, 453 in the third and 373 in the sixth. It is better in the first district where the current positives are 206.

In the province, Partinico is the municipality with 243 cases that has the highest number of infected people as of April 2. Bagheria (205) and Monreale (187) follow. Five municipalities with only one positive: Giuliana, Cerda, Bompietro, Petralia Sottana and Prizzi. The report also reports the data of Lampedusa and Linosa (with 66 cases), municipalities in the Agrigento area that fall within the competence of the Palermo ASP. As well as that of patients embarked on quarantine ships. Does the total of positives in the metropolitan area therefore also take these numbers into account? An anomaly that someone should explain.

The data released by the Region meanwhile continue to create controversy. This morning Mayor Orlando spoke to 24Mattino on Radio 24 said he had asked for the red zone for Palermo “because the data provided by the Region were contradictory, and probably fake, as if being in the yellow, orange or red zone was a competition with prizes, as if you had to make a good impression “. “I asked – continued Orlando – that the measures be adapted to true data and not to false data. This is about people’s lives and a judicial inquiry was necessary to obtain data that seem reliable and unfortunately denote the need for the city of Palermo to use the red zone “.

The replica of Diventer√† Bellissima was not long in coming. “The mayor Orlando – affirms the city coordination of the Governor’s party – never misses an opportunity to stand up as the spokesperson for useless and sterile controversies without having the courage to make healthy self-criticism. In one of his imprudent and at least risky statement he speaks of false and fake data, ventures into delusional comparisons with prize contests. Perhaps he forgets (or pretends to forget) that President Musumeci has been invoking the red zone for months throughout Sicily, perhaps he forgets (or pretends to forget) that the increase in contagions in Palermo is mainly caused by a total lack of checks by the municipal police, perhaps too busy raising fines with speed cameras rather than verifying the gatherings as happened yesterday in Piazza Magione, where hundreds of young people delighted in dancing and drinking ” .