“To avoid risks, let's close it to traffic”

Editorial team 04 September 2021 19:11

It has turned into a road-trap via Monte San Calogero, where the roots of the trees have deformed the asphalt making the passage of cars, motorcycles and above all pedestrians difficult and risky. So much so that, according to the Councilor of the Left Municipality Marcello Susinno, “it would be better to close it to avoid risks”. For months we have been awaiting the safety of this road but neither the Municipality (which has not yet activated the framework agreement for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work of roads, sidewalks and public areas) nor the Rap, in charge of the emergency service intervention and emergency, have removed the dangers. Indeed, paradoxically, they have increased them “by placing signs in the center of the road that actually block the road system”. “In this context, the danger is evident – continues Susinno – since cars and motorcycles invade the opposite lane to avoid bumps and signs. business suit”. In a note, the municipal sector Infrastructures for the road network noted the lack of “no overtaking signs, speed limits and optical bands” and cites an opinion from the Decor and Green area, according to which “eradication is inevitable some trees”. Hypothesis that the neighborhood civic committee does not like at all. “We cannot allow – writes Walter Arancio in a letter to the municipal administration – that trees over 40 years old, with their load of species that they host on their branches and that greatly soften the street and the neighborhood, are cut down or defaced. only to smooth the road surface “. A drop point will have to be found. It is a pity, however, that almost nothing has been done so far, except for an intervention “at the headquarters of the Sixth district which involved only one lane, so the stretch of road appears partly deformed and partly paved recently”. Thus we read in the note signed by managers Maurizio Pedicone and Dario Di Gangi, which refer to the framework agreement for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, the inclusion of via Monte San Calogero in the maintenance program. “If the administration and its subsidiaries are not able to intervene immediately – insists the councilor Susinno – close via Monte San Calogero to traffic”.

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