Titled: Semifree prisoner working illegally: owner reported

The Carabinieri of the Giarre Company, the Riposto station, and the labor inspection unit carried out checks as part of a national campaign to combat undeclared work. During their activity, they reported two traders in a state of freedom, administratively sanctioning a third. In a bakery and a pizza-gastronomy, the law enforcement officers found workers “off the books” as well as the lack of health surveillance for those regularly employed. Two owners were reported and administrative fines of € 14,528 and € 7,328 were imposed on them respectively. The business activities were suspended. In the third company, the police discovered that a prisoner on parole had obtained authorization to work in that company, but actually, he was fiscally identified as a volunteer rather than an employee. The owner was fined € 3,600 and the procedure for reclassifying the voluntary work relationship as a contractual one was initiated.

Riposto, detenuto in semilibertà lavorava in nero: denunciata la titolare

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