Tilt traffic in Palermo: avoid Viale Regione Siciliana but alternative routes are scarce

Par condicio.In viale Regione Siciliana, in Palermo, works and chaos a few meters from the motorway entrance to Mazara del Vallo and now works too – and it is easy to foresee even kilometric lines – near the motorways to Catania and Messina. In fact, the opposite is unlikely to occur with the start of maintenance, the umpteenth, on the Corleone Bridge. But if only a section of the central carriageway is closed due to the works on the Mortillaro canal, at Lidl, in the direction of the Palermo-Mazara motorway, the inconveniences in the area of ​​the Corleone bridge will be doubled, because the narrowing of the lanes will take place in both directions.

For motorists who have to cross this stretch of Viale Regione Siciliana, therefore, the advice is to move well in advance of their schedules, take alternative routes to the ring road and… to arm themselves with holy patience.

The problems will inevitably involve heavy vehicles above all. To tell the truth, for trucks that exceed the weight of 27 tons, this situation is no longer a novelty for a scarce month. At the end of January, in fact, the municipal police tried to follow to the letter the indications of the 2019 ordinance (little or not applied at all, up to that moment) which prohibited the crossing of the bridge for heavy vehicles. For Tir, therefore, alternative routes along via Giafar, via Perez and along the sea side roads. Among the latter, of course, watch out for traffic jams in via Messina Marine, at the Cala and in via Montepellegrino.

As for this last path, even in this case there are obstacles. Yes, because along this artery, at the height of the fruit and vegetable market, an intervention is being carried out on the Passo di Rigano canal, similar to the one being carried out in viale Regione Siciliana at the height of via Principe di Paternò. From via Montepellegrino heavy vehicles pass to reach via Imperatore Federico or, in the opposite direction, the port.

Now, considering that motorists will also look for these alternative routes, traffic jams are to be expected even in these areas of the city, where one must also deal with the presence of construction sites and excavations. A little bit what has been happening for a few months on the ring road, at Lidl. As with via Montepellegrino, here too it was necessary to intervene on the Mortillaro canal for urgent maintenance, with the aim of avoiding that one day the road does not collapse when cars, motorcycles or trucks pass. Well, here those who go towards the airport and find themselves on the central carriageway of viale Regione, just after piazzale Giotto, must take the side lane. This passage creates long queues every day at via Principe di Paternò, with reflections that can go backwards, up to the junction of via Pitrè. However, after via Paternò, you can return to the central carriageway.

In short, construction sites, works and traffic jams in both queues of the ring road. Just to not be rude to anyone.

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