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Ticket exemption renewal, moments of tension in via Arcoleo, the police intervene

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Online procedure

The online procedure – used by the health authority of the capital to avoid gatherings in the offices – already known to the people of Palermo.
It will be possible to connect with a PC, tablet or smartphone.
The online desk will be active seamlessly 24 hours a day from today.

For 190 thousand users – referring mainly to the E01 category and above all to over 65s with a total family income of less than 36,151.98 euros – the certificates have already been validated by the Revenue Agency.
If the beneficiaries physically want to have the certificate, just register at the online counter, then click on the exemption icon and then print the certificate.
The certificate will also be visible to the family doctor.

The online procedure for the unemployed

For the unemployed, on the other hand, the online procedure provides, in addition to registration, to print and sign the self-certification form, then sending it through a scan or simply a photograph together with a copy of the identification document.
The user will subsequently be informed with a text message of the possibility of downloading the certificate.
The Asp will guarantee the ticket exemption service for income, moreover, in all the stages of the Itinerant Open Day.

The categories concerned

The expiring exemption certificates concern the following categories:

  • E01: persons under the age of 6 or over 65, belonging to a family unit (fiscal family unit) with total income not exceeding € 36,151.98;
  • E02: unemployed and their dependent family members belonging to a family unit (fiscal family unit) with a total income of less than € 8,263.31, increased up to € 11,362.05 in the presence of the spouse and at the rate of a further € 516.46 for each dependent child (subjects duly registered in the lists of the Employment Centers and who have lost a previous employment activity are considered unemployed; therefore subjects in search of first employment are excluded);
  • E03: holders of social allowances (former pension) and their dependents;
  • E04: holders of a minimum pension, over 60 years of age and their dependent family members, belonging to a family unit (fiscal family unit) with a total income of less than 8,263.31 euros, increased up to 11,362.05 euros in the presence of spouse and an additional € 516.46 for each dependent family member.