Thursday 7 sit in the Prefecture

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CATANIA – Sunia, Sicet and Uniat of Catania have called a sit in in Prefecture Thursday 7 July at 10 am to say “No to evictions and yes to public housing.
The house is a right for everyone “.

“The three rankings for access to the assignment of public housing published in these days by the Municipality of Catania describe one situation particularly serious – argue the representatives of the three trade unions – and a unease social and housing many times denounced “.

here are the most significant numbers:

778 eviction ranking; Socio-economic hardship ranking 967; IACP accommodation general ranking 3.857.

“In the face of over 5 thousand requests admitted for assignment the offer is minimal.
I am indeed only 24 ready-made accommodations which may be assigned to the evicted and socio-economic hardship“, They explain.

“You risk lose 12 million euros for the retraining of the two Librino Towers And there is no news regarding the PNRR and EU funds “, they conclude.

News from Sicily 2022-07-05 09:07:00

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