Thunderstorms and storm winds, for the Civil Protection is "orange" alert: schools closed tomorrow


The Regional Civil Protection has issued an "orange" alert. Starting tonight and throughout the day tomorrow there will be thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind: storm winds. The mayor of Agrigento, Lillo Firetto, has already decided: "Tomorrow, schools closed". The head of the administration of the city of the Temples is about to sign the related order.

"Tomorrow there are strong hydrogeological risks due to the expected adverse weather conditions" – explained Firetto -.

The rains will be scattered and, from late morning, widespread and persistent – writes the Regional Civil Protection -. Thunderstorms are expected with very high cumulative quantities also on the Western side. Heavy storms are expected along the most exposed coasts. It will be a critical day as far as hydrogeological and hydraulic risks are concerned, which means that landslides or debris flows, collapses and localized floods could occur.

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