Thrombosis after the AstraZeneca vaccine, Tusa is anxious about the former councilor Mario Turrisi

The community of Tusa is shaken and worried about Mario Turrisi, the 45-year-old lawyer who is in very serious condition due to a thrombosis. On March 12 he was vaccinated with AstraZeneca, then after a few days he began to suffer from the first illnesses. The situation worsened at Easter, when a cerebral hemorrhage occurred and therefore the hospitalization at the Messina Polyclinic. His health conditions have deteriorated further since yesterday morning.

The news shook Tusa. These are hours of anxiety for a well-known professional throughout the province of Messina. Turrisi was city councilor from 2006 to 2008 and city councilor from 2008 to 2013. He is also very active in the cultural sector, in fact he is president of a local theater association.

The man is one of the few lawyers who managed to get vaccinated before the administration of vaccines to some professional categories, including magistrates and lawyers, was suspended.

His case, days ago, was reported to the AIFA, even if the illness occurred after some time from the vaccine, therefore a correlation is not certain.

The illness did not manifest itself immediately. Days after the vaccine, Turrisi began to suffer from headache and abdominal pain. But soon his condition worsened. When the health conditions worsened, the lawyer was transported from Tusa to the nearest hospital and, after the first analyzes, transferred to the Messina Polyclinic.

The first CT scan showed a suspected cerebral hemorrhage. After an MRI, he was diagnosed with sinus thrombosis. Investigate the Patti Prosecutor’s Office.

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