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Three vehicles on fire in the middle of the night, probable arson raid

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Three vehicles on fire this night in Santa Flavia, in the Palermo area.
According to the first investigations by the firefighters and carabinieri, the fire is likely to be intentional.
Two smart cars were completely destroyed in Corso Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, while a van was only partially damaged.
According to the first checks, it is assumed that in reality two of the three vehicles were set on fire only incidentally.
The target would be one of the two smart ones, from which the fire would start.

The alarm

The alarm reached the firefighters and carabinieri switchboards tonight around 3am.
The firefighters did their utmost to try to limit the damage as much as possible.
Their timely operations have in fact made it possible at least to save the van in large part.
Nothing to do instead for the two smart that have been totally destroyed.
The very high tongues of fire have been tamed really with difficulty.
The fury of the stake was such that it was not easy to put them out.

The investigations

After taming the flames, the firefighters and carabinieri carried out checks on the spot in search of useful elements to try to understand what could have triggered the fire.
A trigger and flammable liquid were found near one of the two smart phones owned by a 55-year-old man.
The military of the weapon is now trying to understand the reasons that may have prompted the arsonists to target the 55-year-old’s vehicle.
He is delving into the private and working life of man in search of possible clues that can somehow channel the investigation.

Video surveillance

The carabinieri at the moment do not exclude any leads regarding the possible motive.
Support for the investigation could come from the video surveillance installed in the area.
Investigators are viewing the images recorded by some plants in order to somehow trace the perpetrators of the incendiary raid.

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