Three days dedicated to organic wines at the abbey of San Martino delle Scale

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Three days entirely dedicated to organic wine with numerous wineries and excellent wines from all over Europe competing.
The setting of the 18th edition of the Biodivino International Review is the San Martino delle Scale abbey, in Monreale, where the tasters are proceeding with the wine tasting sessions.

This morning, in the presence of Lillo Alaimo Di Loro, president of the national association Italia Bio, promoter of Biodivino; by Toni Scilla, regional councilor for agriculture; by Gianni Giardina, oenologist and president of the Biodivine Scientific Committee, and by the honorable Mario Caputo, the conference was held to present the event which is one of the best kermesse dedicated to wine in Europe.

“Biodivino’s objective – explains Lillo Alaimo Di Loro – is to raise the bar of the quality of Italian and international organic wines which is already quite high in the world, in Italy and also in Sicily which has the honor of representing a good portion of Italian wine with about 27 per cent of production, as well as being a good cultural opportunity to offer a model of sustainability and agricultural ecology, get rid of any arrogance and submit to the attention and evaluation of an extraordinary international commission.
Biodivino also constitutes a good opportunity to evaluate the critical points and gain awareness of the strong points, the merits of the Italian and international wine offer.
All this also considering that today, in the world, the attention towards organic wines is going through a very favorable period “.

“During the Biodivino review, this year in Sicily, land of great wines, organic and beyond, wines from all over Europe will be evaluated by qualified jurors – says Gianni Giardina – The evaluation, made with the Oive cards, the World Organization of wine, will take into account organic wines produced in Europe.
The kermesse aims to highlight the quality of wines, especially organic wines that have nothing to envy to conventional wines indeed, perhaps they have an edge because they are produced with criteria of healthiness avoiding the use of pesticides and other substances.
Wines of great depth that will make this edition of Biodivino a truly special review “.

Biodivino, as the regional councilor for Agriculture, Toni Scilla, reiterates, has all the credentials to become a fixed appointment in Sicily: “If we have focused on this program, it is certainly not to have a point of arrival but of departure – he says – precisely because there cannot be wine, history, culture and tradition of viticulture if Sicily is not the protagonist.
Today an event for its own sake has not been financed but the projection of an idea of ​​government that aims to bring together the good and the nice so that Sicily, with agri-food as a protagonist, can scale important slices of the market and guarantee the future of our small and medium-sized enterprises “.

The Region, therefore, focuses on tourism through wine, as the Honorable Mario Caputo reiterates: “The regional government supports, promotes and encourages not only producers but also the diffusion of wine, the growth of many activities that have as their main object wine.
Nowadays people come to Sicily not only for our beaches or monuments but also to taste the wine and our cuisine “.

The commissions, which have been at work since Thursday afternoon with the wine tasting sessions, are composed by Mset Master Alexandra Alexandrova (Hungary); by the agronomists Roberto Gaudio (Italy) and Marco Li Calzi (France); by oenologists Anna Claire Pirrot Minot (Corsica), Antonio Magales (Portugal), Paolo Thiefendarler (Italy), Giovanni Giardina (Italy), Giacomo Manzo (Italy), Francesco Asaro (Italy), Marquez De Prado De Aguirre (Spain); by the sommelier Olga Pasychnik (Ukraine); by Master Wine Eliza Pinta Kauce (Latvia) and by journalists Erik Klein (Slovakia), Anne BogDanovic (France), Vittek Tibor (Slovakia).

Biodivino will also continue tomorrow and Sunday when, at 7 pm, the round table on “The Sicilian organic wine sector and sustainability: reality and future perspectives” is scheduled, followed by the tasting counter with guided tasting of Sicilian organic wines in combination to local agri-food products.

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