Threats to Musumeci, regional council: “Dangerous climate of hatred”

Numerous messages of solidarity to the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci after a rudimentary device was blown up on the railway near Militello Val di Catania, his hometown, and the discovery of threats against the Governor.

The regional coordinators of Brothers of Italy Salvo Pogliese and Gianpiero Cannella, on behalf of the entire Sicilian community of the party, express feelings of solidarity and closeness to President Nello Musumeci for the shameful intimidation of him.
“Knowing the moral integrity of the President of the Region, we are sure that he will not be affected in the least by these threats from subjects unrelated to the civil forum and that we hope that they will soon be handed over to Justice to serve exemplary sentences “. The Councilor Razza in a post on Facebook writes: “President we are all next to you. A bomb, the threats … a climate of hatred. Yet one cannot help but record this bad climate that has been in the air for too long. Instead, we need to return to dialogue and reason “. “The discovery of a bomb and a letter of threats addressed to President Musumeci is disturbing. It will be the investigators who will clarify the contours of this story but one thing is certain: the climate of hatred and violence, not only verbal, which is increasingly often instrumentally fed, it is dangerous and now rampant “. It can be read in a note signed by the Sicilian regional council. “We do not hide our concern, also because it is the umpteenth intimidation concerning the president – we read again -. To him, with affection, the closeness and solidarity of the government junta, sure that he will not allow himself to be intimidated and will go on with the courage and determination as always “. In addition to the regional council and the president of Ars Gianfranco Miccichè, the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando also expressed solidarity with Musumeci, who hopes that “the investigations will soon clarify to identify the authors of this vile gesture”. Solidarity also from some exponents of Diventerà Bellissima, the political movement founded by Musumeci. The leader of the Ars Alessandro Aricò affirms: “We are at the side of President Nello Musumeci for the cowardly threats against him and certain, knowing him well, that he will not be intimidated. Our hope is that the investigations will shed light on this disturbing each other and allow us to trace the authors of the ignoble gesture “. “Closeness, affection and solidarity” is also expressed by the regional parliamentarians Pino Galluzzo and Giusi Savarino. “This time – adds Savarino – we are not faced with the climate of hatred, exacerbated by instrumental political controversies. We are no longer faced with an offense or the many threats on social networks, here there is a bomb, and it is a fact of enormous gravity . I am sure that President Musumeci will not allow himself to be affected by his government action “. Solidarity messages were also sent by other political groups to Ars such as Fratelli d’Italia and by the Popolari-Autonomisti Idea Sicilia

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