Threatening a 19-year-old with a knife, he has his cell phone delivered: a Favarese arrested


Armed with a knife, he threatens a nineteen-year-old with a smartphone delivered. It happened in an alley in the historic center of Agrigento. The intervention of the military of the Weapon was lightning fast and, within a few minutes, they captured the robber. He is a forty-six year old from Favara who was arrested for robbery.

The nineteen-year-old, in via Gallo in Agrigento, in the middle of the afternoon, was approached by a man who, with his face uncovered, threatened to stab him if he didn't give him what he had. The young man gave the robber what he had with him: a smartphone. The criminal, grabbed his cell phone, immediately disappeared on foot. The nineteen year old did not lose heart and he immediately called the carabinieri, giving the alarm and giving a first description of the individual. In a flash, some patrols of the Agrigento company came along.

The investigators also listened to some passers-by, carrying out a thorough inspection. Thanks to the story provided by the victim and some witnesses, an identikit of the author was created and the fugitive's research was immediately taken. Searches made with a network of checkpoints. After about half an hour, in San Leone, a man who corresponded to the descriptions ran into control. A search was carried out and a knife and the stolen goods jumped out of the pockets of the man's trousers, or the smartphone that had just been taken away from the 19 year old.

In half an hour of frantic research, the carabinieri closed the investigation circle and solved the case, arresting – for robbery – a 46-year-old Favarese. After transferring the man to prison, the military returned the smartphone to the 19-year-old.

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