Thousands of visitors to Caltabellotta for the living nativity scene

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 04 JAN – Thousands of visitors have already taken part in the first two appointments with the Living Nativity of Caltabellotta which this year, for its XXVII edition, sees staged in the streets of the ancient village of Agrigento, sixty actors and musicians directed by director Marco Savatteri. The next two appointments tomorrow, Thursday 5, and Friday 6 January, are limited in number. Last 26 December, the arrival in Caltabellotta of around eight thousand people put a strain on the organizational machine, although it was fine-tuned and now further strengthened; hence, the decision of the Municipality in agreement with the organizing committee to limit access to 1,800 spectators per evening. The goal is to guarantee everyone an optimal use of the show, tastings and support services. The entrance coupon that can be purchased at the link of the Vie dei Tesori website, partner of the project, includes both the theatrical itinerary and the four tastings: The event, included among those of maximum tourist importance by the Tourism Department of the Sicilian Region, sees the collaboration of all the five associations of the village and has Le Vie dei Tesori as a partner, of which Caltabellotta is part of the circuit of villages. The jewel village of Caltabellotta, on the other hand, already looks like a crib in itself, with its maze of medieval streets at a thousand meters above sea level, dominated by the ruins of the Norman castle, the hermitage dedicated to San Pellegrino and the necropolis Sicane. Sixty actors and musicians, professionals and locals, stage the miracle of the Nativity in the narrow streets of the town, where the old peasant houses carved into the rock look like the Bethlehem of two thousand years ago and where the tastings (macco di fave, sausage and wine, bread and oil, ricotta cheese and olives) are stations of a spectacular journey, between music and lights. “We are happy and proud – says the mayor Calogero Cattano – to have managed to involve as many local associations. Caltabellotta, with its history, its monuments and its beauties, will be able to give magical emotions to those who come to visit us». .