Thousands of notes from Messina Denaro to decipher, secrets and intertwining of mafia families

In the thirty-year long period of hiding of Matteo Messina Denaro, the Bonafede/Gentile family from Campobello di Mazara was certainly an important reference point. Current investigations by investigators are shedding light on the reserved circle of supporters and accomplices that allowed him to live peacefully in the province of Trapani, where he moved around in cars or motorcycles with different identities. The investigations are not fake: investigators are examining thousands of notes found in hideouts with names and figures in codes. Not only that, but also the computers and phones of the suspects. Many people who helped the boss remain missing. Many in the village knew the true identity of “Mr. Bonafede.”

And many covered up or assisted. Also, the numerous investigations over the years that have struck at the heart of the Campobello family. In addition to sister Rosalia, who has been arrested and is currently on trial, the “reference point,” as outlined by Judge Alfredo Montalto in the order for the last three arrested individuals, Massimo Gentile, Cosimo Leone, and Leonardo Gulotta, has been the internal family nucleus of the Bonafede family, according to a line of continuity that starts with the boss (deceased) “Nardo” Bonafede, and continues with his daughter Laura, granddaughter Martina Gentile (daughter of Laura), and involves cousins Andrea Bonafede (born in ’63, a surveyor) and Andrea Bonafede (born in ’69, a laborer), cousin Emanuele, brother of the laborer Bonafede. All the way to the second-degree cousin of Laura’s husband, Salvatore, the architect Massimo Gentile, and the brother-in-law of the latter, Cosimo Leone.

A comprehensive report by Laura Spanò in today’s edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

Migliaia di pizzini di Messina Denaro da decifrare, segreti e intrecci di famiglie mafiose

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