this morning the presentation at Palazzo Zanca

MESSINA. A new beer to tell the “messinesità” of the Sikania brewery: the new brand is called “Birra Feluca” and is an idea of ​​Daniele De Vincenzo, a young entrepreneur from Messina who for three years has decided to focus on the production of beer and made in Sicily.

The initiative stems from a walk by the sea by the young entrepreneur, who, while on the banks of the Strait, saw a felucca pass by, “yet another symbol of my city”, he said during this morning’s presentation at Palazzo Zanca, at the Salone delle Bandiere , attended by the councilors Dafne Musolino and Enzo Caruso, the president of the fishermen’s association Antonella Donato, the president of the Chamber of Commerce Ivo Blandina and the tour guide Grazia Occhino.

The choice of a “retro” style for the label is also linked to the tradition of swordfish fishing, explains Matteo Mastroeni, partner of High-Fly Comunication, the company that also created the promotional video of the product: the objective, in fact, was to focus attention on the concept of “waiting” that characterizes fishing; once the swordfish has been sighted, however, patience gives way to a quick and effective action, until the moment of well-deserved rest, with a Feluca beer.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the new brand were explained by the master brewer Marco Capone: it represents the desire of an entrepreneur to restart, which coincides with the restart of his city after a period of global pandemic.

The Sikania brewery is the same one that made the “Minchia” and “Futtitinni” beers.

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