This is why you SHOULD visit CATANIA! (Italy travel vlog)

Wondering if you should include Catania in your itinerary when traveling to Sicily? In this video I’ll convince you by showing you …


  1. thanks for the tips! I think you forgot to mention the name of the cafe where you had the wine and antipasti. Did you ever find out what those other things on your place were?

  2. If u ever travel to Perth Australia I’d love to show u around x

  3. It means more then my buddy it means family just not of blood. If that makes sense. And yep lots of donkey and horse there. I can’t explain how thankful I am for ur video

  4. U can see the lava running down mt etna at night it’s such a gorgeous sight

  5. Yes our dinners are late. And we come alive at night. It does help its a university city.

  6. Ah yes the volcanic ash. Haha it’s everywhere like the morning mist

  7. Not an earthquake it was mt Etna that covered the city. There is an old Catania underground and no one knows how old it is. Plus all the roman ruins. They stopped people going under because in the 1990’s a group of school students and two teachers got lost and have never been found. No one even knows how big it is. Crazy huh

  8. Thanks for these great tips! can you please share the name of the local trattoria where you got the wine and antipasti! looking forward to my next Sicilian holiday

  9. Thanks for sharing!!!! That town looks so quaint and historic. Italy is one of my favorite places to visit just to eat!!!

  10. I've been to Catania but still there's a lot of interesting place to explore, thanks for this wonderful tour , now i know where to go the next time i go to this amazing Catania! Food is great for sure.

  11. This is making me want to travel. Hopefully I can start travelling next year 😀