“This is not the Agrigento we represented in the election campaign”

Giuseppe Di Rosa
02 July 2021 12:57

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This is not the Agrigento that “we” represented in the election campaign, where did our program on separate waste collection?
Codacons has already given a mandate to the legal office which is evaluating the complaint to the bodies responsible for environmental pollution. And if Agrigento began to think of agreeing with the city council which in December 2014 had voted for the collection in house (creating a municipal company? “. The concept of” ecological island “is light years away from this enormous filth.
The ecological island is a place that follows precise rules, set up near the urban center (not inside).
The citizen who pays the garbage bill (even with higher rates than other cities) has the right to have an accessible, well fenced, organized, clean and open to all waste center.
The commissioner, deputy mayor Trupia is scourging the people of Agrigento and Agrigento, if he has a pinch of political and intellectual honesty, he must resign in the hands of the mayor because now after 8 months the result is there for all to see, no change of route, no change of trend, no results starting from weeding (we don’t even know if we pay for it and it is already included in the contract) to get to the general cleaning of the city, the failure is there for all to see, the political failure of the Trupia project , it is clear.
Mayor Micciché takes note that a decent person is enough and advances, a difficult city like Agrigento is not managed only with good people but with good administrators, it is not written anywhere and there is no equation that a good person can administer well , the failure is clear to all, Franco take note of the failure and decide what you want to do with our city.
Decide and decide immediately, Agrigento can no longer wait. There are two things: either “you” premeditatedly failed because you knew and made fun of people, or your councilor is unable to do what you have delegated him for.

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