“This is how the development of Agrigento fails”

“The indignation is maximum. Today is the news of the investigation launched against four managers of the University Consortium of Agrigento, among them the name of the ex-president Mifsud stands out, a highly controversial personality, involved in Russiagate and a fugitive for years. Executives used the consortium’s credit cards to pay for lunches, dinners, travel and personal expenses. I especially address my fellow citizens. This is one of those episodes that should make us take to the streets and demand the explanations and apologies of those who until now have dealt with the University of Agrigento: the consortium could have represented a powerful opportunity for social redemption for all the young people of the Province of Agrigento, a driving force for local development if we think of the income that goes around a university center (rents, commercial activities and services), but this was not the case. ” So was the deputy from Agrigento Michele Sodano.

“The university has been used as a“ manger ”and the results are there for all to see. Agrigento, the city of the Temples, no longer even has a Faculty of Archeology and Cultural Heritage, the University has been completely dismantled, our brains continue to pack up and choose new destinations to start university studies. Let us ask ourselves well, what kind of controls have been put in place in recent years, what responsibilities fall on the Sicilian ruling class in this matter? Why do our local representatives not like to denounce and expose all the contradictions of the Agrigento University Center? For the moment there is only profound silence, continues the deputy Sodano. I trust in the very important work of the Judiciary to shed full light on this matter, yet another in which it is demonstrated that it is local politics that have impoverished a territory as rich in potential as ours. I also trust in our population, a turnover of the ruling class is necessary if we want to close forever with stories that, like this one, deeply damage our dignity. ”

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