Thirteen Nigerian suspects acquitted in Palermo, not mafia

In the city, there is no Nigerian mafia. This was stated by the president of the fourth section of the Court, Bruno Fasciana, and judges Daniela Vascellaro and Giangaspare Camerini, who acquitted 13 defendants who were charged with the same offense attributed to Cosa Nostra. The investigation had started after a punitive expedition against a Nigerian man, which led to the collaboration with the police. The group called “Eiye” was accused of violence, exploitation of prostitution, and fierce tribal practices. However, the judges dismantled this reconstruction and acquitted the defendants, except for three who were sentenced for drug trafficking and robbery. This was reported in a complete article by Fabio Geraci in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

«Non sono mafiosi nigeriani», tutti assolti a Palermo i tredici indagati

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