Third robbery at a Palermo shop on Vittorio Emanuele street

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Over seven thousand euros in damages. In Vittorio Emanuele Street, in Palermo, smash-and-grabs are back. Around 5 in the morning, two thieves used three large stones to shatter the window of a commercial activity at number 391, selling objects and jewelry.

After creating an opening, the criminals entered the premises and looted all the gold from the display cases. Among necklaces and bracelets – and some pairs of sunglasses – the commercial value of the stolen goods exceeds seven thousand euros, in addition to another five hundred euros for the window repair.

For the business, this is the third break-in, as the owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, recalls. The entrepreneur, devastated, described himself as “very tired, this could be the last time.” The carabinieri are on site, acquiring the surveillance camera footage and investigating to identify the culprits.

A Palermo vetrina spaccata in corso Vittorio Emanuele, terzo colpo per un negozio di oggettistica

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