thieves steal TV, computers and cold cuts

Stolen TV, notebooks, cured meats and meats at the Danilo Dolci hotel high school in Partinico. The thieves entered the branch premises at night in via Aldo Moro, managing to take away electronic devices and more for a total value of almost six thousand euros. The incident was reported to the police who acquired images from the school’s video surveillance system.

“Last week – the principal, Gino Chimenti explained to PalermoToday – they had already tried to enter the premises of the plant. They managed to force a door but the alarm went off and fled. This time they did not stop despite the presence of the cameras, so we will have to strengthen the security systems to prevent it from happening again “. Police investigators this morning carried out an inspection to look for any clues that would allow to trace the identity of the thieves who, however, acted with their faces covered. During the inspection, the agents found the boxes in which the computers were kept in an area belonging to the nearby La Franca municipal football stadium. It is therefore possible that there is a connection between the two episodes. If on the occasion of the first raid the thieves were stopped by the alarm system, this time they would have equipped themselves by covering the objectives of the cameras with a cloth and then act undisturbed. “The stolen 75 ” screens were used as multimedia interactive whiteboards. Now – concludes the principal Chimenti – we will have to buy new ones for the teaching activities of our children”.

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