they will organize swimming and water polo courses together

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 15:59

Share The growth of Waterpolo Palermo continues unabated and, after the excellent sporting results, has achieved another fundamental corporate result. This is the collaboration agreement between the Waterpolo Palermo of president Antonio Coglitore and the historic Circolo Canottieri Roggero di Lauria of Palermo chaired by Andrea Vitale. An agreement that was born from the desire to grow even more, two of the most important realities in Palermo and Sicily thanks to a great spirit of collaboration. The Waterpolo and the Circolo Lauria thus access a new vision of sports clubs in support of the city fabric. In fact, the agreement provides for the promotion of swimming school, mini water polo and water polo with the common goal of making sporting activity usable for boys and girls, thus relaunching sport as a cornerstone for the social development of the community. Both presidents welcomed the signing of this agreement with great emotion, which will certainly give new life and enthusiasm to the staff of both associations. From this year, therefore, all the official presentations of the Waterpolo Palermo will be celebrated in the historic headquarters of the Circolo Lauria in Mondello. Enthusiastic comment from Antonio Coglitore, president of Waterpolo Palermo: “I am very happy with this agreement because, by tradition, many of the Waterpolo swimmers are also members of the Circolo Lauria and therefore it is almost a way to get together in the family. I really thank the president Vitale but also other important figures such as Fabio Briguglia, Valentina Salvia and Fabrizio Griffo who together with our staff have identified the best ways to enter into this collaboration. The specific goal is always the same: to create healthy sport for young people by creating flows of a true own sporting movement to make the very young understand how important sport is in everyday life. I am sure that the first results will be seen very soon! “.

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