they will have license to take down the controllers

After the seven-day course in Petralia Sottana, to train the selecontrollers of the upper Madonie, the training course to train the selecontrollers of the lower Madonie, who will have the task of implementing the capture and abatement plans provided for in the plan, began yesterday in Castelbuono. management system adopted by the Park Authority to eliminate once and for all the swine emergency within the protected area.

Also present at the first day of training held at the Sala delle Capriate, in Castelbono, was the commissioner for the Territory and Environment Toto Cordaro: “We are absolutely determined to solve the problem. This is why we are training several dozen men who will be in contrast to this indiscriminate growth of swine within the Madonie Park in the next few weeks. These are teams that will hunt according to very specific rules, also approved by the Regional Council for the protection of the natural heritage. Among these, for example, the origin of the selecontrollers, which must be residents of the municipalities of the Park, or the fact that each team must always be accompanied by a man in uniform, whether he is an agent of the forestry, municipal police or even a carabiniere. We must give a precise signal – concludes Cordaro – to make everyone understand that on some issues, such as the slaughter of swine, we are acting in compliance with the laws and rules and we do not intend to go back ” The overpopulation of suidae in the Madonie Park is a well-rooted phenomenon that originated even before the institution of the environmental protection body and that the Park offices had to deal with since the earliest years. For a long time, due to a dramatic lack of legislation, the Park Authority had to limit itself to dealing with compensation but never gave up a more active and effective role, managing, in 2010, to adopt a Management Plan for the “self-control” of this hybrid and extremely harmful species. “We wonder why in so many places around the world regulated hunting is also used as an economic driver. – continues Toto Cordaro – Intelligence, common sense and the application of laws must make us look ahead. If, in addition to protecting the environment, we are also able to enhance the economic activities connected to it, we will be able to achieve the intent I want to pursue ” “The Park is a pioneer in Sicily for the solution of a problem that unfortunately is found in many other areas of the region – says the official Alessandro Scelfo – We adopted a management plan 11 years ago, but then the regional legislation forbade park authorities to intervene with capture or killing activities on wildlife, the distribution of hunting wildlife had to deal with it by law. After many attempts in 2015, the Region finally hesitated the law that implemented our Management Plan. But there was a serious lack of funds – continues Scelfo – those made available to the Region were enough to train the first 30 selecontrollers and to buy some manhole covers. Then there was a problem with the use of the culled garments that all had to go to charity. Now, after so much effort of our offices, and after having overcome many appeals, the Constitutional Court has allowed the full operation of the management, also allowing the marketing of culled animals, after a rigorous health control. We had organized to leave in September with the new training courses, then due to Covid we had to stop and we are finally recovering now. ” “We can finally say aloud that the activities to solve the problem of suidae in the Madonie are fully operational – says the president of the Park Authority Angelo Merlino – even before the summer period, thanks to the first 30 selecontrollers trained in 2016 we started the first activities, managing to shoot down 121 animals. After the summer break we will resume with greater strength thanks to the training of another 60 selecontrollers. In the meantime we have purchased 10 new manhole covers, 6 cages to be entrusted to private individuals, electrified fences, feed to attract swine and photos – traps to control their movements. It will take some time, but finally all the conditions are in place to remedy this problem that has caused enormous damage “.

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