they will be used for the works on the Cassarà park and the pedestrian areas

Editorial staff July 26, 2021 13:09

Five electric quadricycles were purchased by the municipal administration and made available to Coime. The vehicles will be used for the activities of the structure within the Cassarà Park and for the works to be carried out in the limited traffic areas. Vehicles equipped with a tipper body are homologated and meet the “new needs of work to be carried out in total respect of the environment”. “The acquisition of this equipment – said the deputy mayor Fabio Giambrone – is in line with the long-term planning of the Coime structure, in perfect harmony with the guidelines of the Administration on the subject of technological innovation and respect for the environment”. “For some years – underlines Francesco Teriaca, Coime manager – we have been pursuing the achievement of quality standards of excellence aimed at respecting the environment. The new vehicles, the result of a multi-year program currently being implemented, have zero environmental impact, and adhere to the green evolution of the public administration. They will be used for the works inside the Cassarà park and in the pedestrian areas where it is necessary to respect the emission limits. An irreversible process that will continue in the future by favoring light vehicles “.

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