They violate the quarantine to participate in a wedding, report mother and daughter

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 09:59

They knew that the fifteen-year-old daughter was positive, but despite this they would have decided to leave their home and their municipality to participate in a wedding in Partinico. The carabinieri of Trapani denounced a 48-year-old woman from Alcamo and the young woman, originally from Alcamo, for failing to comply with the anti Covid measures. The episode emerged after a series of checks carried out by the staff of the Asp of Trapani following a report. The subsequent investigations made it possible to reconstruct the outlines of the story: the woman and her minor daughter, in August, had participated in a ceremony in the mother church of Alcamo. From there they then moved together with the rest of the guests to Partinico to also participate in the reception organized in a room in Partinico, not caring about the risk of being able to infect other people. The definitive confirmation came from the analysis of the list of participants acquired by the managers of the venue during the organization phase. Having clarified the situation, the staff of the provincial health care company started contact tracing to rebuild the contact chain and find any other infections. The guests were then contacted to undergo the swab but from the first tests performed, no cases of Coronavirus positivity have yet emerged. Last week the carabinieri denounced a 47-year-old woman in Palermo, who was surprised in Piazza Caracciolo despite the fact that she too had tested positive for Covid . The military discovered it during a check, carried out together with the Nas staff and the traffic police, to verify compliance with the provisions by the local nightlife in the Vucciria area. Last February it was a man who violated the quarantine to open his bar-rotisserie and prepare a new day of work. The controls on that occasion were carried out by the agents of the Brancaccio police station, after a report arrived at number 112, who denounced the operator.

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