They steal her codes from her cell phone and defraud her 18 thousand euros from her account


San Cataldo. His is a case that has had an echo at national level, after suffering a computer fraud that made her lose 18,000 euros. Maria Teresa Viscuso, a woman from San Cataldo who saw a considerable sum "evaporate" from her bank account because of cyber criminals who "hacked" her cell phone, turned to the media, thus managing to collect the data to make transfers. Employee, Maria Teresa Viscuso filed a complaint and, on 11 December, told her misadventure to Salvo Sottile, in the show "Mi manda Raitre".

The story dates back to last September, with the bank's phone call to verify two movements on the current account, which occurred over a week earlier, one for 10,500 euros and the other for 18,000 euros. Two credit transfers to foreign companies, the first one not successful, the other instead made. Technically, it could be "phishing", a particular type of scam carried out on the Internet through the deception of users, in order to be able to obtain access codes to current accounts. From there, Maria Teresa Viscuso's complaint to the Police Headquarters and the bank's initial re-credit of the amount, before backing off under a "Unless successful" clause: account movement carried out in an correct appearance and therefore no compensation.

The scammed woman has now gone into the hands of a lawyer and reports: "I have been cheated. Someone hacked my cell phone, on which the employees of my bank, Intesa San Paolo, Caltanissetta branch, had installed a special application to refer to my bank account. To say there is that there had been no alert text messages on movements, transfer limits, blocking of transfers to abroad, in short, all the elementary security measures that would have protected me. In many years, I have never done online transactions from that account: I only need it to have my salary credited and to pay a mortgage. Well, on 23 September last, I received a phone call from the bank to report two "suspicious" movements a week earlier, a bank transfer that left my account on 16 September for 10,500 euros and one for 18,000 made the next day. Payments which, from information reported to me, have been destined to English companies that sell bitcoin (non-real, intangible currency, with which, however, you can buy real objects, editor's note). The first bank transfer was not completed, the second one was. Just in the days of the fraud, I noticed that I did not receive notifications on my cell phone, whether via SMS or WhatsApp ».

The woman thus continues: "At the invitation of the bank, I filed a complaint with the police headquarters. The banking institution re-credited the 18,000 euros that disappeared, even if it then applied the "Unless it was successful" clause: in practice, the bank verified the movements and, believing that they had been carried out correctly, recovered the money . But this is normal, given that the scammers had stolen my account access codes! With a short note, on 25 October, the institute informed me. Neither I nor my family members were aware of this clause. Now, there is a file open to the Postal Police, but I want my money back from the bank: how can you notice those movements of money after so many days? ".

Maria Teresa Viscuso concludes: We closed the bank account, uninstalled the application and had my cell phone reset ".

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