They sold non-existent jobs in a regional company, two Agrigento convicted

He would have sold jobs in a subsidiary of the Region. The Agrigento court sentenced Giuseppe Lo Brutto, 46 ​​years old from Canicattì, to 9 months’ imprisonment and a 300 euro fine for the crime of aggravated fraud and impersonation. The man was found guilty of having “sold” some unemployed young people false jobs at Sas, a subsidiary of the Sicilian Region, in exchange for 15,000 euros each. Lo Brutto, in particular, would have pretended to be a lawyer and an official of the Sas, a company that provides services to public bodies, and would have convinced the victims that he would have made them work at the Pirandello museum in Agrigento by simulating a training course with research on the history of Agrigento.

Accomplice of Lo Brutto Michele Ferro, 61 years old from Favara, sentenced for fraud to 6 months’ imprisonment and a 200 euro fine. Ferro’s wife, Giuseppa Pullara, 61, owner of a café, acquitted. The complaint had been filed by the Sas after the report of the officials who received requests for the inclusion of the young victims in the role of workers, through service orders and counterfeit contracts. Even the victims, in turn, had filed a lawsuit after realizing the scam. The Sas company constituted as a civil party, defended by the lawyers Massimo Motisi and Marco Aricò, obtained the sentence to pay the amount of 5000 euros for damage to the image. Further compensation was recognized in favor of the victims of the scam, defended by the lawyer Nicola Grillo.

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