"They sold hashish, amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine to San Leone": 5 young people get into trouble


Five precautionary measures, against the same number of suspects for the crime of drug dealing in the competition, were carried out by the police. This is the epilogue of an intense and articulated judicial police investigation carried out in the summer of 2018 on San Leone. The investigation was coordinated by the Procura of Agrigento which is directed by Luigi Patronaggio.

The Flying Squad, coordinated by deputy commissioner Giovanni Minardi, developed – between May and September 2018 – a traditional and technical investigation, also with the help of video cameras that allowed to bring to light numerous drug sales in the very central square St. Leo's lily. The suspects – according to the official reconstruction of the Flying Squad – passed off careless of the numerous passers-by and without any hesitation or precaution.

The precautionary measure issued by the investigating judge of the court of Agrigento, Alessandra Vella, at the request of the deputy prosecutor Gloria Andreoli, ordered the house arrest for Alessandro Calogero Trupia, 30 years old; and for Faisal Haouari, 27 years old. Obligation to stay with prescriptions, instead, for Luigiandrea De Marco of 20 years and for A. B. of 22 years. Prohibition of residence also for another subject. It was the operation called "Sunlight drug".

During the investigation, hashish, amphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine were seized, for a total of about 250 grams.

From the "Sunlight drug" investigation a detail emerged that is not trivial, in fact it is alarming: the numerous episodes of peddling carried out nonchalantly in public places have never been reported to the Police Headquarters.

The precautionary measure by Luigiandrea De Marco – the police of the Flying Squad announced – during the press conference at the police station – was suspended because, tracked down in Palermo, during the house search, it was found in possession of about 133 grams of hashish, a precision sling and a cutter. The young man was therefore arrested in flagrante delicto and was placed under house arrest.

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