They set fire to a pastry shop in Milan: 5 arrests, also stopped in Agrigento

They set fire to a pastry shop in Milan, near Piazza Piola, on October 19 last year. At dawn today, for that attack, the carabinieri of the provincial command of Milan arrested five young people in the Milan area and in the province of Agrigento, all Italians between the ages of 18 and 20, held jointly responsible for the crimes of fire and aggravated damage.
The military carried out a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Milan at the request of the local Dda.

The carabinieri, coordinated by the Dda of Milan, combining the traditional investigations with technical activities and the study of social networks, ascertained that at 1.30 am on 19 October the five subjects, one of whom is employed right at the pastry shop, after having practiced a cut in the gate valve with a hose, they poured a large amount of flammable liquid into the room. Set the flames, the fire devastated the business (the subject of two other similar episodes in the previous months) while the perpetrators fled in a rental car. According to the carabinieri, the gang was planning another raid in the same way.

Following the searches carried out this morning against the five arrested and three other subjects, indirectly involved in the affair, the clothes and the hose used during the attack were found, around 15 grams of cocaine divided into doses, 45 grams of hashish and material for cutting and packaging the drug, guarded by a supporter of the gang. Furthermore, a handgun without a red cap was found in the house of one of the suspects. The five arrested were transferred to the San Vittore prison in Milan and to the Agrigento prison.

The investigating judge: “Young, but with a high degree of criminal professionalism”

Despite their “very young age, they demonstrated a high degree of criminal professionalism” and lent themselves to “acting as longa manus” for “unknown” principals in exchange for “a few hundred euros”. The investigating judge Anna Magelli writes it in the precautionary custody order in prison for five young people, aged between 18 and 20, accused of having set fire to the I 4 Mastri Grecchi pastry shop in the Piazza Piola area in Milan on 19 October.

As stated in the provision, carried out today in the investigation by the carabinieri, coordinated by the prosecutor Stefano Civardi, three of the arrested, Dennis Picarella, Bruno Carlo Affinito and Marco Stilo, last December 28 were “planning, through the exchange of messages with never explicit” on WhatsApp, “a new arson attack probably against the same pastry shop”. Picarella wrote: «But shall we go?». And Affinito replied: «Do we have tools? Is it personal?” Stilo’s brother, we still read in the documents, worked in the pastry shop. Claudio Russo Introito and Davide Ventura were also arrested.

Among the elements in the investigation file also the images of the surveillance cameras in the area from which it emerged that one of the members of the gang, the one “who actually started the fire”, was wearing a Juve tracksuit. Overalls, we read, «identical to the one worn by Stilo Marco in a photograph he posted on a social profile». (HANDLE).

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