They risk drowning at the Reef, rescued by the coast guard rescue swimmer

Editorial team 03 August 2021 19:22

In the late morning of today near the Caves of Ulysses, on the cliff of Catania, 2 teenagers, regardless of the bad conditions of the sea, risked drowning due to the high waves that prevented them from climbing the rocks. The danger was signaled by the call of a citizen to the blue number 1530 received from the operations room of the Port Authority of Catania, which immediately ordered the exit of a patrol boat on board a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. It is a selected and trained professional figure, at the training school of the Messina Coast Guard, to carry out the recovery of people in difficulty, the search and rescue of needy seafarers in different contexts and also in adverse marine weather conditions. In just 15 minutes the patrol boat identified the two boys in the water, visibly tired and in difficulty. Despite the bad sea conditions, the specialized personnel immediately dived into the water to retrieve the 2 boys on board, helping them to get on board thanks to the folding stern side, used specifically to facilitate the boarding of the castaways. Once they returned to the dock of the Port Authority of Catania, they were entrusted to the care of the 118 staff, who intervened on the spot for the necessary treatment.

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