They look for a stolen tractor and find the fences: two arrests


The Carabinieri of Campobello di Licata station arrested a 58 year old and a 47 year old, both from Canicattì, surprised when they were negotiating the sale of a tractor, stolen from the owner a few hours earlier in Naro.

In the early hours of the morning yesterday, a citizen had in fact gone to the Carabinieri of the Naro Station to report the theft of his crawler tractor. The military immediately released searches for the vehicle across the province. The incessant research conducted by colleagues has allowed us to identify precisely in Campobello di Licata an agricultural vehicle similar to that of sportato. The Carabinieri thus lurked among the vegetation on a hill, from which they noticed suspicious movements of three men who fumbled around the vehicle. Hence the idea of ​​intervening. One of the three, probably the aspiring buyer, managed to escape, while the two fences who were negotiating the sale of the vehicle were blocked. The immediate investigations made it possible to ascertain that it was precisely the agricultural tractor removed shortly before in Naro. For the two, surprised in possession of the tractor, handcuffs were thus released on the wrists on charges of receiving stolen goods. The tractor was returned to its rightful owner, who, amazed at the speed and effectiveness of the intervention, thanked the Carabinieri. The military is on the trail of the third accomplice.

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