They followed and robbed victims after withdrawals from the Post Office: taken


A Neapolitan and a Palermo from behind two robberies and a scippo between Casteldaccia and Villabate. The carabinieri stopped the 33 year old Giuseppe Chiappara and the 46 year old Campanian Eduardo Spina in execution of a provision issued by the Procura di Termini because they were held responsible for three incidents dating back to last July and August. They selected the victims inside and outside the post offices and then followed them and took away the cash they had just collected. Investigations in progress to clarify whether the two are the authors of other robberies scored between July and August in the Palermo hinterland.

The investigation of the Bagheria Mobile Nucleus, together with the military personnel from the Casteldaccia and Villabate stations, was launched after the robbery suffered by an 81-year-old pensioner who was attacked and robbed of the sum of 1,100 euros just collected from the Post Office. "The activity of analyzing the images recorded by the video-surveillance systems of the credit institutions – explain the Provincial Command – and the technical investigative activities have made it possible to identify Spina and Chiappara as authors of the criminal episodes".

In doing so, the investigators connected the various episodes that share the same modus operandi. “They identified a post office or bank to monitor and while Eduardo Spina, having accessed it, studied the potential victims by choosing older people or those who took large sums of money. Chiappara remained outside on a scooter that was not traceable to them. Then they followed the target and once they reached an isolated place Spina attacked and stole the cash and then fled with Chiappara ”.

The investigative activities would thus have allowed the persons responsible for another robbery and a robbery to be given a name and a face. The first always in Casteldaccia, on 8 August when "a 49-year-old approached with an excuse was taken away the purse containing 4 thousand euros just collected from the Post Office". The second on August 28, near the cemetery of Villabate, where the victim was attacked and threatened to deliver them a 500 euro loot.

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