“They destroy the countryside, people at risk even in the city”

Editorial board
06 July 2021 13:36

“Every day wild boars run around in the countryside destroying crops and even in the city the safety of people is at risk. After the Covid emergency, the alarm has never been higher for the invasion of wild boars in Sicily where every day farmers are forced to take guard duty and many even choose not to sow anymore. Even trekking or simple excursions are severely limited due to the danger that this entails “. The alarm was launched by Coldiretti Sicilia who on Thursday 8 July will take to the streets next to the farmers to say enough “to a situation that is getting worse and worse”. The appointment is in Piazza Indipendenza, at 9, in Palermo as in the rest of Italy. In the Sicilian capital, together with the president of the regional Coldiretti, Francesco Ferreri, there will be mayors, regional deputies and representatives of institutions from all over the island.

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