There is the sixth edition of Conformazioni, Palermo returns to repopulate itself with dancers and artists

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A festival of the contemporary.
Not only dance but also music, meetings, shows, workshops and laboratories.
From 25 April to 1 May Palermo returns to be repopulated by dancers and artists. Now in its sixth edition, Conformazioni was presented at Palazzo Ziino.

The festival directed by Giuseppe Muscarello was born thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Municipal Department of Cultures and the collaboration of Teatro Massimo, Teatro Biondo, Spazio Franco, Crezi.Plus and the Rizzuto Gallery.

Site specific shows in urban landscapes, performances that hybridize different artistic genres, open and evolving works that dissolve the boundaries between performers and spectators.
Conformazioni combines the best of contemporary dance with other artistic languages ​​in its program.
From the Ubu award for MK dance to Enzo Cosimi, one of the most authoritative Italian choreographers and directors; the extraordinary talent of Manfredi Perego; Giovanna Velardi, Cristina Donà, original voice of Mediterranean rock, the choreographer Daniele Ninarello.
The festival will bring the leading players of the national dance scene to the capital from 26 April, opening up to other artistic genres as well.

In the video, the interviews with the councilor Mario Zito and with Giuseppe Muscarello, artistic director of Conformazioni.

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