there is the risk of stopping the water service

Gioacchino Schicchi
05 July 2021 20:26

The first to raise the alarm was, several weeks ago, the now former prefectural commissioner Dell’Aira, who had feared that the installation of a bankruptcy commissioner for Girgenti Acque would translate into an effective risk for the continuation of the management.

An “alarm” which today has proved to be very well founded. To put pen to paper that the system has practically collapsed, and that there is the risk that tomorrow morning there will no longer be those who bring water (very little, to be honest) in the homes of the citizens is Commissioner Gervasio Venuti. It all starts with a request from the bankruptcy court which on 1 and 2 July prepared the decisions which, says Venuti in his letter, “immediately present profiles of incompatibility with the continuity of the essential public service”.

What is it about? Of a maxi request for funds amounting to over 7 million and 260 thousand euros that the bankruptcy trustee expects from the commissioner to pay part of the debts contracted by the company. The problem is, writes come, that the balance of postal and bank accounts is just over 880 thousand euros.

“The writer – Venuti then says – despite having carried out the task entrusted by the prefecture of Agrigento in the sole perspective of the mandatory provision of the essential public service and the interest of citizens, recognizing the mandatory obligation to comply with the provisions of the bankruptcy court, must represent the certainty that the management of the public service appears to be compromised, and this can produce serious and immediate damage to citizens and businesses, to the ATI, to employees, to the assets of the Municipalities, with repercussions on public health, the environment and public order. The writer is awaiting any urgent determination aimed at addressing the problems represented, having to point out that in the current conditions I will not be able to continue the assignment received and I will not be able to assume the responsibilities at all levels deriving from the material impossibility of regularly conduct the commissioner management of the integrated water service or”.

The ball now goes to the Region, it seems: the regional lawyer is entrusted with the evaluation of a legal solution that allows the commissioner to continue working while allowing bankruptcy trusteeship.

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