there is a new victim (there are 324 in total) and 34 positive

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 17:43

There is a new victim – and it was from Porto Empedocle – determined by Covid-19. To report what is yet another mourning in the province – we have reached 324, since the pandemic broke out – is the daily bulletin of the ASP of Agrigento. Health surveillance data report for yesterday Saturday, but just released. There have also been 3 new hospitalizations that bring back the hospitalized people of Agrigento to 54 and 34 the new positives. Coronavirus, the ASP bulletin is scary: 5 deaths in the last 24 hours The situation in hospitals There are 54 (-2) people from Agrigento who, on Saturday, were hospitalized: 49 (-2) are in ordinary / sub-intensive hospitalization. Of these, 26 (-2) are located at the “San Giovanni di Dio” in Agrigento and 15 (stable data) at the “Fratelli Parlapiano” in Ribera. In 10 ( 2), on the other hand, they remain hospitalized in hospitals outside the province. Two people remain in intensive care, both are at Covid hospital in Ribera. There are 3 patients (stable data) who are in lowcare facilities: two at the Covid hotel in Sciacca and one at the Covid hotel in Canicattì (formerly Ipab). Data Municipality by Municipality Agrigento: 152 positives ( 7), of which 8 are attributable to migrants hosted in a reception center; Alessandria della Rocca: 1 (stable); Aragona: 14 (stable); Bivona, 3 (stable); Calamonaci: 2 (stable); Caltabellotta: 4 (stable); Camastra: 1 (stable); Cammarata: 4 (stable); Campobello di Licata: 33 (stable); Canicattì: 195 (-1); Casteltermini: 20 (stable) of which 17 (stable) are migrants in isolation at a reception facility; Castrofilippo: 11 (stable); Cattolica Eraclea: 2 (stable); Cianciana: 3 (stable); Favara: 229 (stable); Caves: 4 (-1); Joppolo Giancaxio: 1 (stable); Licata: 234 ( 6); Menfi: 49 (stable); Montallegro: 2 (stable); Montevago: 2 (stable); Naro: 20 (stable); Palma di Montechiaro: 66 (-1); Porto Empedocle: 47 (stable); Racalmuto: 22 (stable); Raffadali: 36 (-3); Ravanusa: 37 (-stable); Realmonte: 28 (-1); Ribera: 82 (stable); Sambuca di Sicilia: 5 (stable); San Biagio Platani: 7 (-1); San Giovanni Gemini: 14 (-1); St. Elizabeth: 10 (-1); Santa Margherita di Belìce: 13 (stable); Santo Stefano Quisquina: 3 (stable); Sciacca: 40 (-3); Siculiana: 65 (stable) with 43 migrants (stable data) infected and isolated in “Villa Sikania”; Villafranca Sicula: 1 (stable). “Covid free” remain: Burgio, Comitini, Lucca Sicula, Sant’Angelo Muxaro. There are currently 199 (stable data) Covid-positive migrants on the quarantine ships in the harbor in the Agrigento coast.

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