there is a man who seeks revenge

Editorial team 04 September 2021 16:00

Threats of death to the agents and threats to blow up the police station of Canicattì. There is a man, already known to the police, who is allegedly attacking the policemen of Canicattì, threatening to shoot some agents of the state police or to blow up the garrison of legality of the town. According to what AgrigentoNotizie learns, it would be one of the Canicattinesi who, in recent weeks, has become the protagonist of extortion – from 10 or 20 euros – to some merchants in the center of the Italian grape city. A man from whom, with the intervention of the public authority, – applying article 403 of the civil code – his children were removed and taken to a safe place. From the request of a few euros to buy a sandwich to micro-extortion: traders in check by a couple of thugs From that moment, the Canicattinese would seek revenge against the policemen of the Canicattì police station and, apparently, rumors circulate about threats and intentions of revenge against the policemen. In the police station, where the mouths are rigorously sewn and from where no one confirms or denies what would be happening, the tension has become high, indeed very high.

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